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Ezflo waistband by Stomaflo - The first belt free device of its kind for urostomy patients.


About the Ezflo Waistband

Hello, my name is Christopher McConnell, inventor of the EZflo Waistband (Provisional Patent Pending)

Since having my bladder removed due to cancer and having to live with a urostomy (stoma), I found it difficult to be able to wear nice fitting pants without pinching off the flow of fluid from the stoma past the waistline to the pouch. Whether sitting, bending or just standing my wafer would always be compromised.

The idea was to invent a design that allows flow from the stoma to pass through the waistline into the pouch freely.  Stomaflo did just that with the EZflo Waistband (Provisional Patent Pending).

 Yes, there are other designs out there to help with this issue, but they all use a belt and are bulky devices.  The EZflo waistband is a one piece design and uses no belt.

This discrete clip attaches to the waist line of whatever you chose to wear to feel comfortable and confident with less worry of a leak.

Christopher A. McConnell

Stomaflo LLC

Live With Confidence

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