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Dedicated to providing the best for your medical needs.

 Working to provide options for people with stomas.

Bend, sit and kneel with confidence.


The Ezflo waistband is a device that benefits patients living with a urostomy (stoma). The Ezflo waistband creates an opening in the waistline of his or her pants to be able to wear whatever makes them comfortable. The Ezflo Waistband was created when i experienced difficulties finding pants to wear due to the pinching off of the flow of fluid to the pouch. The solution was to create a device to provide enough room in the waistline, to be comfortable and discreet, to allow fluid to flow from the stoma through the waistline to the pouch.




I’ve been wearing the Stomaflo and find it to be very comfortable even without a belt. The Stomaflo grips my jeans and shorts very well without any noticeable slippage or riding up on the waist band of my jeans or shorts. In addition to allowing my stoma to freely  drain by keeping my waist band from putting pressure on my stoma, I’m very pleased with the high level of protection it provides from any injury to my stoma from any type of work or activities I might be engaged in. Thanks again for a very nice product!"


-Tim W.

I think the EZflo Waistband is great for anyone wanting to tuck in their shirts and wearing a belt.

-Michele J.

Big difference when driving. Like not having to adjust my seat belt all the time to relieve the pressure off my waist. Works great on the seat belt alone.

-Robert H.








      Ezflow Waistband:

Provisional Patent Pending.

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